This will introduce you to the Manga.  You'll see how I broke it up. The first part is the description off the back of the first Graphic Novel.  The second part is my own introduction.
Part One:
"I see the tarot cards in my dreams.  I turn them over in hopw of finding all the answers - Who am I?  Where do I come from?  Why are these people after me?  But when I turn the last card, it's always blank.  My name is Kaguya.  I thought that I was an ordinary high-school girl.  That is, until a crazy sorcerer appeared in my bedroom one night and transported me to another planet where pople call me princess.  Now, the questions in my dream are more urgent than ever.  Will I ever get home again...or is this my home?"
Part Two:
"Who would have guessed that an ordinary girl is a princess of a parallel dimension?  Kaguya thought that she was normal.  Except she has no clue to her past except a dream.  But is that even real?  The tarot cards can't even tell her the answer to that.  But the men that come for her can until the evil Prince Seeu transports her to another planet along with his robot.  Now Seeu and Kaguya's protector, Idou, are searching the planets for her.  Kaguya can only wander around for now.  Will she survive?"