Welcome to the first official American fan site for the new manga "Planet Ladder."  "Planet Ladder" was created by Yuri Harushima in 1998 and now in 2002, Tokyo-Pop brings us her work.  Because this is such a new Manga there is little information to the public.  I have created a site to help deepen your intrest in this beautiful story.  I have a few connections in Japan who provided me with some of the information.  However, there are only a few pictures so this site is lacking.  This site will give you a small introduction to the manga as well as a few images.  There will be some profiles and a introduction as well as the description on the back of the first manga.  Please look around and enjoy.

This site is property of Lil J-Chan © 2002.  Planet Ladder © 1998 Yuri Harushima. All rights reserved.  First published in 1998 by Soubisha Inc., Tokyo.  English Publication rights arranged through Soubisha Inc., Tokyo.  English text © 2002 by Mixx Entertainment, Inc. TOKYOPOP® is a registered trademark and the Robofish logo is a trademark of Mixx Entertainment, Inc.

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